True Loves Experience - Try our ultimate in carefully curated experiences a great way to really enjoy all the fantastic produce we serve here at True Loves. To take the pain away, sit back and enjoy - simply select from the best on offer!

Experiences for 2 (£49pp) or Experience for 4 (£55pp) Ask your server for details.

Solo Board - sample one of our amazing local meats or cheeses with a selection of pickles and a slice of locally baked bread - £7

Medium Board - Chef’s choice of three of our amazing local meats and/or cheeses with olives, pickles, fresh fruit, crackers and two thick slices of our toasted, homemade bread - £21 (serves 2)

Large Board - Chef’s choice of five of our amazing local meats and/or cheeses with with olives, pickles, fresh fruit, crackers, antipasti and our toasted homemade bread - £35 (serves 3-4)

True Loves Platter - Our ultimate combination of eight local meats and cheeses, with generous servings of pickles, olives, fresh fruit, chutneys, artichoke hearts, pork pie, crackers and our toasted homemade bread - £49 (serves 4-6)



Fennel Salami - Outdoor reared pork, blended with fennel seed to produce an Italian style salami 

Choriza - crafted from high welfare, Yorkshire outdoor bred pigs & seasoned with paprika & garlic 

Red Wine Pepperoni - Yorkshire beef & pork blended with red wine 

Somalo Lomo Ham – Spanish pork loin, authentically cured


Berksell Ewer  - Traditionally matured, semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese - cave-aged and delicious 

Mouse House Truffle Tracker  – An indulgent rich & creamy cheddar blended with black truffle 

Charcoal Cheddar - Mature but creamy, visually striking cheddar with sea salt crystals                

Sharpam Ticklemore Goat Cheese  – a classic, creamy semi-soft goat's cheese from Devon

Bleu D’Auvergne - a soft & luxuriously creamy French blue veined cheese

Howes Abbot Caramelised Onion Cheddar  –  Classic mature cheddar infused with rich, sweet caramelised onions

Yorkshire Pecorino – A sharp, deliciously complex hard cheese with a wonderfully lingering finish

Please notify server of any dietary requirements