True Loves Experience - Our carefully curated experiences are a great way to really enjoy all the fantastic produce we serve here at True Loves. To take the pain away, sit back and enjoy - simply select from the best on offer!

Our meats and cheeses are provided by the award winning Yorkshire charcuterie supplier Cryer & Stott.

Experience For 2 - £49 per person. Experience for 4 - £55 per person

Solo Board - sample one of our amazing local meats or cheeses with a slice of Tonco Bakery sourdough, crackers, fresh fruit & pickles, olive oil and balsamic dip -£8

Medium Board- Chef’s choice of two meats and two cheeses with olives, pickles, a large selection of fresh fruit & veg, crackers, Sheffield Tonco Bakery bread, piccalilli, olive oil & balsamic dip - £23

True Loves Platter - Our ultimate combination of six locally sourced meats and cheeses with generous servings of pickles, olives, fresh fruit & veg, chutney, picalilli, Waterall’s pork pie, crackers, Tonco Bakery sourdough with olive oil and balsamic dip - £49


Our charcuterie boards go great with our curated wine flights:

True loves wine flights

White Wine Flight - Pinot Grigio (Venezia, Italy), Sauvignon Blanc (Valle Central, Chile) Piquepoul (Côtes de Thau, France) -£12

Red Wine Flight - Merlot (Valle Central, Chile) Malbec (Patagonia/Mendoza, Argentina) Merlot  (Côtes de Thau, France) -£12

Luxury Wine Flight - Prosecco (Venezia, Italia) Sauvignon Blanc Rosé (South Africa) Pinot Noir (Vallé du Rhône, France) -£18

Please notify your server of any allergies or dietary requirements.

(gf) - Gluten Free (ve) - Vegetarian (vg) - Vegan